Helen Juffs runs Featherfoot Clinical Reflexology in Kings Heath, south east Birmingham B13.

Reflexology restores the mind and body’s natural balance. There are reflexes in the feet and hands almost like remote control buttons which are used holistically to stimulate all the body and mind systems. Pressure and/or energy is applied to the reflexes with fingers and thumbs to enable self-healing.

Balancing the mind and body in this way can assist with recovery from many medical issues as it improves circulation, reduces stress and increases energy.  Helen has provided reflexology as a complementary therapy to clients with a wide range of issues:  hormonal imbalance (infertility and peri-/post-menopause); immune system issues (rheumatoid arthritis); pain relief (following a stroke, and recovery from operations); anxiety and grief; high blood pressure; chronic bronchitis; and patients recovering from cancer.  See the Articles page for further information on research in to Reflexology.

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Contact + Getting Here

Helen Juffs,  MA CMR5 CNHC
Kings Heath, Birmingham. B13
T:     07941 840 424
E:     featherfoot.hj@gmail.com
Fb:   Featherfoot Reflexology
W:   featherfoot.co.uk

Please call, message or email to make an appointment or for  further information. Address details and directions will be provided.

Getting Here:

A number of bus stops are within walking distance including the No. 11, 27, 50 and 76. There is no train station in Kings Heath, sadly. There is usually off-road parking on the drive for one car, but if not there is free on-road parking. Please note the road is one-way traffic only.

The therapy room does not have a waiting area, so please do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment. If you are early there are cafes available on Kings Heath High Street 10 minutes’ walk from the therapy room.