Reviews from Clients

“It is four years since I had a brain haemorrhage from which I still experience pain and debilitation. Having exhausted conventional therapies, a friend suggested I should go and see Helen and try reflexology. And I am very glad that I did. There is an openness and generosity between us that allows us to work well together. It has been hugely beneficial. I don’t know how it works but I really appreciate the outcomes and being pain-free for a while.”
(David, Warwickshire)

“I was treated by Helen after a loss which triggered anxiety on top of grief. I was initially sceptical but the sessions proved restorative and helped me to move through the negative emotions. I felt stronger and more grounded. Helen created a calm and respectful space and her technique was both sensitive and authoritative. I felt as if I was in safe hands.”
(Sally, Birmingham)

“I use reflexology specifically to support my immune system to resist infection as I have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, I’ve also found it effective for dealing with stress, insomnia and muscle pain. My regular sessions with Helen are essential and integral to enabling me to maintain my health.  Helen is a sensitive, responsive, intuitive, and thoughtful professional. After a session with Helen I always leave with a general sense of well-being.”
(Sheila, Birmingham)

“I would like to thank Helen for the benefits her treatments have offered me. Her insights have given me a fresh perspective on things. Helen is excellent at listening and understood my condition – rheumatoid arthritis.  I have been surprised with the improved flexibility in my feet I can stand on tiptoe for a few seconds, something I could not do without holding on to something before.  I even managed to wear high heels to my niece’s wedding.  The lymph drainage massage was most helpful.  I also appreciated the colour visualizations and affirmations of the NEPIP treatment, and continue to use these by myself.  Helen’s commitment to helping others is second to none.”
(Kathy, Birmingham)