Treatments + Prices

Reflexology for Feet or Hands
Application of pressure and energy to the reflexes with fingers and thumbs – working one hand or foot at a time.
Initial session/consultation – up to 75 minutes £39
Follow up sessions – 60 minutes £39

**Discounts available for multiple sessions paid for in advance:  6 sessions = -15% / 3 sessions = -10%

NEPIP (Neurological-Endocrine-Psychological-Immune-Podi) for feet
NEPIP concentrates on the body’s ‘soft’ systems – working on both feet at once in a flowing motion. The treatment includes the use of spoken well-being positive affirmations by the client to reinforce the physical therapy.  If you have never had reflexology before I suggest a standard reflexology treatment prior to booking a NEPIP treatment.
One of session – 45 minutes £39
** Multiple session discounts apply as described above.

Reflexology for Lymph Drainage
Reflexology techniques can be used to help reduce swelling caused by an imbalanced lymph system – for swollen ankles this involves manipulating the lower half of the legs as well as the feet.
This treatment lasts 20 minutes and can be included as part of a standard reflexology session.

Reflexology for Palliative Care and Cancer
Reflexology can be adapted for people who are not well enough to receive a full standard treatment. Gentle techniques and energetic links are employed.
Initial consultation  – 45 mins £25
Follow up sessions – 30 mins £25
**Multiple session discounts apply as described above.

Reflexology for Children
Shorter sessions are available for children (age – birth to 16 years)
Initial consultation  –  45 mins £25
Follow up sessions  –  30 mins £25
**Multiple session discounts apply as described above.

Mobile Service
A mobile service is available for people who have difficulty travelling. Up to a maximum round trip of 10 miles from base in B13 will incur a charge of £15 in addition to the treatment fee. For visits beyond 10 miles please ask for details.  A minimum one hour treatment fee applies.